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Ottawa Rowing Club Wedding | Jasmine + Dave

Updated: Nov 23, 2019

Who say's you can't get married on a Tuesday?! I sure don't, & neither do Jasmine & Dave!

Jasmine & Dave had the most amazing, intimate wedding that was completely them. No traditional events to keep track of, 35 of their most closest family & friends & the best Ethiopian food I have ever had... okay, I'm probably biased on that last part because I had never had it before this, but damn, it was SO good!

Dave and I went to college together & we now also work together at Library and Archives - my full-time gig. When he asked me about wedding stuff, he was being sneaky & said he was looking for a friend, when really it was for him. Typical Dave thing to do. So when he finally told me it was actually for his wedding, I was touched. Having a coworker/ fellow photography grad ask me to photograph one of the most important events in their lives, is really special, but also in a way HELLA TERRIFYING! I mean, this guy knows all the same stuff I do, so if I screw something up, HE WILL KNOW!! Pressure was on!!

I met Jasmine the day we met up for coffee. As soon as I met her, I knew they were absolutely made for each other. These two are basically the same human, have the same humour & just bounce off each other like they know exactly what they other person is thinking. Jasmine & I hit it off from the moment we started talking & I got so excited for their vintage inspired wedding that I knew was going to be nothing but a super fun, relaxed, no stress, wedding.

The day began with Jasmine going to get her hair done by my good friend Emma Ward, master stylist who I adore to pieces! Jasmine & Dave then went to City Hall for their exchanging of vows & to make things official! I was not there, as they didn't want photos of that part of the day, so they had their family take some photos for them. I met them at 4pm & we ventured to the National Art Gallery to take some photos. Not realizing Nepean Point would be closed due to Canada Day preparations, we thought outside the box and still got the most amazing photos. We spent an hour walking outside the gallery snapping away then made our way back to the Ottawa Rowing Club, where their reception was being held.

Thank you, Jasmine & Dave, for trusting me, having me hang out & letting me eat some ridiculously amazing vegan brownies (SERIOUSLY, I CAN'T STOP THINKING ABOUT THOSE BLONDIES. OH. MY. SWEET. LORD!!). I had the absolute most amazing time & I wish you all the best on starting your new married life together! But can we please go for drinks soon? Cause I already miss you!

See ya at work, Dave!

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The Team:

Photography: LW Imaging

Brides Shoes: Irregular Choice


Bow ties: The Tie Bar

Grooms shoes: Wills Vegan Shoes

XO Leesa

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