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Ornamental Garden Engagement | Emma + Alex

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

The day started off with gloomy skies and rain until around 4pm. We hummed and hawed at the possibility of rescheduling but decided rain would make their session more unique! I am not one to reschedule for a little bit of rain, that's why I'm always prepared with an umbrella in my car just in case. Luckily, we didn't need it. :)

Emma and Alex are the sweetest couple. We met in April at a coffee shop to chat about their wedding plans. When they walked in, they looked very familiar. We got to chatting and turns out, we live in the same apartment building and we recognized each other from the elevator! Talk about small world!

We started out time together for their engagement session carpooling to the Experimental Farm (HELLO NEIGHBOURS!) and chatted the whole time getting to know each other while taking beautiful photos around the gardens then eventually moving over to the greenhouses, which, by the way, look amazing in any season! It's probably one of my favourite places for an engagement session, wedding or any type of session really. The weather held off and mother nature left us the most stunning sunset and lighting. We honestly couldn't have asked for a more perfect night to take photos! I always try to schedule engagement sessions an hour before sunset for this reason and because the lighting is just so soft and glowy which makes everyone look dreamy and beautiful.

I am so happy to have these wonderful humans apart of the #LWIFamJam! I cannot wait for their wedding in October next year at Orange Art Gallery! It's gonna be a super great time to celebrate an amazing couple!

Check out their engagement session below!

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XO Leesa

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