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Fall Wedding at The BARN in Mississippi Mills | Megan + Brett

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

With fancy socks and a love like no other, Megan and Bretts wedding goes down in history as one of my absolute favourites! They did such an amazing job planning and decorating their wedding that everything just fit so perfect.

Honestly though, this crew was SO much fun to hang out with all day, starting when Brett introduced the "groomswoman" as Megan and I looked super confused, then said "OH! No! This isn't the bride! Her name is just ALSO Megan!" It was a GREAT first meeting. Sorry for being awkward y'all!

Before Megan walked down the aisle to her awaiting groom, she asked for Brett to be facing the opposite direction then to turn around when she got down to the half way mark. A different way as a first look that I thought was a super unique idea! When he turned around he made the cutest smile! The way he looked at Megan gave everyone all the feels.

When the vows started, the tears started to flow. There wasn't a dry eye in the place. For a couple who is loved by so many people, this even had ME tearing up.

They played the "show them how it's done" game to get them to kiss which is you have to demonstrate a kiss and they have to mimic it and, let me tell ya, it got pretty ridiculous but amazing pretty fast, including a great big lick from the bottom of Megans chin to her forehead. YUP. That I will remember forever!

When I was leaving, I said goodbye to Brett and thanked him, but Megan was dancing away with her friends on the dance floor, so I caught her attention and gave her a little wave and continued on my way. Well to my surprise, she came RUNNING towards me as I was starting to go down the stairs to give me the biggest hug ever! It was seriously the sweetest thing - besides almost falling down the stairs in shock from her coming up behind me!

Megan and Brett - thank you for letting me tag along with Mike for the day and having me there to capture your joyous love! I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness!

Check out their amazing wedding below!

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Venue: The BARN Wedding + Event Venue

Dress: With Love Bridal Salon

Second Shot for Mike and Ness Photography

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