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5 Tips on How to Choose Your Photographer

Miss K Boudoir, Ottawa Boudoir Photographer

Choosing your photographer is probably one of the most important things when you’re planning your wedding, family portraits, boudoir, engagement session, etc. But on top of all that, it’s most important you get along with them! You don’t want to hire someone off craigslist, kijiji or facebook, heck even google, without getting to know them a little bit first. {Hello, creeper alert!!} So here are a few tips when you want to choose your photographer:

1. If the first thing you say in your email or message is “HOW MUCH FOR THIS?” it brings off a bad vibe to the photographer, & they probably won’t want to work with you if all you’re worried about is how much it is. Instead, start off your email with something you admire about their website, a photo you absolutely adore, or how you felt connected to them after reading their about me section. When we see this, we instantly think, “Oh hey! This person actually took their time to look at my website!” At this point it would then be appropriate to inquire about their pricing (if not listed already).

We're All Human. Get to know us before you judge us, Ottawa Photographer

2. Actually LOOK at the photographer's website! Look at their style! Read their about me! Chances are, they tell you a lot about themselves already on their website. Make sure you love them, love their website, & think “Hey! This chick/dude would be wicked to hang out with!” That shows us that you are legitimately interested in our photography & not about hiring the “cheapest photographer”. Which brings me to my next point..

3. Don’t just hire a photographer because their price is cheap. Chances are the cheaper photographers either don’t:

a) Pay their taxes

b) Pay insurance or aren’t a registered business

c) Have any training what-so-ever

d) Value themselves; or

e) Everything listed above. *ding ding ding!*

All these things show dramatically in their work. Just like clothing, if it looks cheap, it probably is. The reality is, & I’m sorry to have to break it to you but, if you can’t afford a photographer, please don’t take advantage of one - more specifically a wedding/newborn photographer, but really, just don’t take advantage of a photographer period. We know you have a lot of other vendors you are paying for, or your budget just doesn't cut it, but your photographer should be the most important one of all because how are you going to remember the day if you don’t have photos of it? You won’t. But that’s a WHOLE other level of blogging.

I don't trust words. I trust pictures., Ottawa Boudoir Photographer

4. Make sure you have a contract. If a photographer does not have a contract, that should raise a red flag to you as the client. Make sure said contract is extensive where they outline everything from copyright, print release, cancellation policy & what would happen if he/she got sick & could not follow through with your session/wedding. In a situation like not being able to photograph your wedding, a professional photographer would have a back-up plan to have someone available in place of them. Having this outlined in a contract is key - no one wants to be frantically searching for a replacement photographer for your wedding day! You have way too much to already be stressing over; finding a new photographer should NEVER be one.

You will thank yourself later when you hire a professional, Ottawa Photographer

5. When you decide on your photographer, facetime, skype or meet for a drink/coffee/tea with them before your session, especially meet if you're planning on investing a hefty amount into their wedding packages! Have a real conversation! We love to get to know our clients! We want to make your experience the best experience & genuinely care about you as a person! We all hope to make friends at the end of you wedding day or session! Our end goal is to make sure you are 100% satisfied & love your photos! If your photographer doesn't ask to meet with you, that should be a red flag right away.

Meet people in person. The internet is weird., Ottawa Photographer

Personally, I would never hire someone without meeting them first & I'd hope you wouldn't either. Just do your research. Search your potential photographers out on google, see if anything comes up that doesn't seem right. Read what other clients have said about their experiences. But most of all, fall in love with a photographers art. Invest in your photographer. A lot of us (including myself) offer payment plans. Don't be afraid to ask about them! We want to make your life easier, the last thing we want is to make you regret your decisions.

My promise to you & to everyone reading this is that I will never lie, I will tell you how it is straight up & I will always make sure you are happy.

XO Leesa

Pine Lodge Styled Shoot, Ottawa Photographer, Ottawa Wedding Photographer

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