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Y U B Photographer?

Ottawa Wedding Photographer, Ottawa Boudoir Photographer, Ottawa Photographer, Wishtree Invitation

I’ve had a few people ask me why I started my business. Real talk? I really just wanted to do more photography & starting my biz was the kick in the butt I needed to make sure I get sh*t done. But, I also wanted to create life lasting memories for everyone, not just my family & friends, so with starting my business, I get to meet new AMAZING people & give them some moments to cherish forever - & I’d hope I’ve made a few friends along the way!

I have an awful habit of taking photos & just letting them simmer & take up room on my computer without doing anything to them or letting them see the light of day by sharing them. This has ALL changed in the past year.

This year alone, I have done approximately 4 sessions a month, which adds up to 1 per week, & that’s perfect for me. For those of you that don’t know, I actually have a full-time job on top of running LW Imaging. I work Monday to Friday at my full-time job, then weeknights & weekends I dedicate to all things photography. From editing into the night to planning your session & photographing you beautiful people on weekends, I really do everything. I’m essentially always working & I ain’t mad about it at all. I love my full-time job & I love photography so it doesn’t feel like working when you enjoy what you are doing, right?

Ottawa Wedding Photographer, Ottawa Boudoir Photographer, Ottawa Photographer, Kayla & Adam Kozji

LW Imaging is still growing, evolving & ever changing. I couldn’t be more proud of myself for what I have accomplished this first year in business. They say it takes approximately 3 to 5 years to get you business fully up, running & established, so I’ve told myself I’m not giving up & I will do whatever it takes to make it. In order to grow some more, I’ve decided to focus on a few different session types which include couples, boudoir & weddings. This does not mean I won’t photograph any other sessions like lifestyle newborns, families or maternity (which would fall into the couples category), I 100% will if you inquire about them since I do still offer them! I love all photography & making all my clients happy so having a main focus helps me deliver the best images possible when you, as a client, know exactly what you are getting & what to expect.

In the end, I started my business because I had a dream - to create beautiful art & share it with the world. I love photography & making magical memories for people all over the world. & hey, who doesn’t like feeling like a celebrity for a day!?

Ottawa Wedding Photographer, Ottawa Boudoir Photographer, Ottawa Photographer, Self Portrait

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