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I Don't Have the Body for Boudoir | Ottawa Boudoir Photographer

I don't have the body for Boudoir.

I get this A LOT as an excuse as to why someone won't book a boudoir session. On top of the usual "I just want to loose 10lbs", there are so many excuses people say to themselves to not take the leap into investing in themselves and feeling like a badass babe for a day.

Do you have a body? Then you have a boudoir body! Every body is a boudoir body! EVERY BODY IS A BOUDOIR BODY! Say it again LOUDER for those in the back!

For some people, taking the leap into having a boudoir session can cause serious anxiety - this is totally normal! In fact, if you aren't nervous when you show up for your first boudoir session, we may look at you funny because that isn't normal for us! We have all thought at one point or another that we aren't pretty enough, skinny enough, tall enough or flexible enough to do a session like this. I feel you - I felt the exact same way before getting into the wonderful world of boudoir. I still have insecurities about myself, but then I think about all the things I love about myself and focus on that instead.

Having a boudoir session can be so empowering. It's a chance to do something that makes us feel beautiful in the skin we're in. Seeing photos of yourself looking confident and sexy can really change how you feel about your body and how you present yourself in society. Boudoir is for every single person - no matter their race, sexuality, size or age. We ALL deserve to feel beautiful.

You also want to make sure you choose a photographer who you are comfortable with. Someone who is confident in themselves, who has raving reviews and who you connect with from the very first moment of contact. Personally, I get all my clients on the phone for a quick chat because if you cannot take 15-20 minutes out of your day to talk to me on the phone, how can I expect you to get half naked or completely nude in person for your photo session? I want to share your excitement with you and that's really hard to portray through email - and I try really hard to get it through my emails as well - there's a lot of exclamation points happening! #sorrynotsorry

I cannot preach enough that everyone deserves to feel amazing about themselves and show themselves some self care. If you are insecure about yourself or need a little confidence boost (and I mean, who doesn't feel this way at least once in their lives?!), boudoir is for you. Boudoir helps boost that confidence and helps you see yourself in a way that you may not usually look at yourself. I can promise you that once you do a boudoir session, you will be HOOKED and want to keep doing them. They are such an adrenaline rush and wonderful experience you will never forget.

Plus, think of it as sexy Yoga - if you're not hurting the next day, you didn't do it right. ;)

Have you done a boudoir session with us? Share how you felt after your session below in the comments to help inspire others to take their plunge into empowering themselves!

XO Leesa

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