Colour vs. Black & White - What's the deal, yo?

Now as days, most people expect to get all their photos in colour, but I’m here to tell you, some photographs just belong in Black & White.

Colour is great - don’t get me wrong - I mean, most of my photos are in colour, just look at my instagram ( Colour shows you all the details in everything we see around us in everyday life. It makes you look back at the photograph & remember exactly what that tree, lake, animal, desert, ferris wheel etc. looked like at that moment. Seeing the world in colour is what we are used to. Our brains are built in colour, it’s just how we are built as humans. My creativity comes in as an artist when I decide which images would look better as black & white, or which should stay in the original colour.

When I see emotion - someone laughing, someone crying, someone embracing - my brain automatically changes that photo to black & white - almost instantly after I take the photo! Black & white shows the emotion between the one, two, three or more people & not what is happening in the background. The focus is supposed to be on the subjects anyways, but I find black & white photos show the subjects more & brings out the emotion that was happening in that moment. To me, black & white photos are meant to show emotion - at least that’s what I try to accomplish with my art.

So if you see a black & white image in your gallery, be mindful of the emotion happening in that photo & not that you’re losing out on a colour photo - it’s part of my editing process as your photographer. I promise you will have so many colour images to look at, but if you want more emotion shown, give those black & white photos another look.

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