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Weekend Vibes

Weekends are my favourite! Why? Because I get to meet a bunch of cool new people & capture their memories for them!

But when I have a weekend off, like this past weekend, I love to hang out with friends & capture some memories of our own. Most of the time I tell myself to leave my camera at home & try to relax, but this past weekend was an exception. We went to my friends gorgeous cottage & every year I go, I tell myself I have to bring my camera to take photos because I always end up just using my phone or point & shoot (yes, I own one of those too!) so this year I actually brought my DSLR out & I'm so glad I did.

The weekend started out jumping off of the top of the boat into the lake and swimming around for the entire afternoon Friday. We made a late lunch of delicious BBQ sausages then continued to hang out by the water & enjoying the nice weather. Around 7:30 we figured we should probably head up to the cottage & start on dinner. We made pasta with caesar salad & garlic bread. We were going to go out & hang out in the hot tub or have a small fire, but we all ended up being too exhausted to do anything & a few people passed out on the couch...

Saturday we got up around 8am & made bacon & eggs for breakfast. We cleaned up then headed back down to the lake for more swimming & relaxing. We went for a little tour on the boat around the lake then came back & we decided to do some wake boarding for a while. I hung back & took some photos from the shore. We made burritos for lunch then loaded up the boat with some drinks & chairs, then headed to the beach which is about a 5 min boat ride from the cottage. We hung out there, listened to some music & I had an impromptu photoshoot with one of my friends! We headed back to the cottage around 6 & made a delicious dinner of BBQ ribs, BBQ corn on the cob, potatoes & salad. The guys went out to the hot tub while the ladies stayed inside sipping on some wine & sangria. All of a sudden we hear cheering from down at the lake. Yep... the guys ran from the hot tub, all the way down to the lake, & jumped in. I think they were expecting it to be cold, but it was still warmer than the air outside, so they didn't get as much of a shock as they were hoping for. Cottage weekend isn't a cottage weekend with out Cards Against Humanity, so we finally stayed up a little later (which was a bad idea since we had to be up early Sunday morning to drive home) & played a few rounds while dying of laughter & enjoying some good ol' Mexican tequila.

Sunday we woke up to all our clothes outside being soaked. It poured rain all night & we forgot we had left some bathing suits & towels out to dry. Well, they didn't dry... Probably ended up wetter than they were in the first place. We made pancakes for breakfast & then packed up all our stuff, loaded the boat & made our way to the main land. It's always sad when the weekend comes to an end, but when your friends live in another province & you only get to see them once a year, it's a little more sad.

I'm always so grateful for the Foster/Lehmann Cottage Weekend. Good times. Good laughs. Good people.

Water hair flip in lake at Bob's Lake

Group shot at the beach on Bob's Lake

Sunset on Bob's Lake from the Cottage

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