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Hogs Back Family Session - Leahy

Christina and I met while working at Sears. Her in the cosmetics section, and I in the Men's Wear Department. I was always so mesmerized by her, her make-up and hair always on point, I mean, look at the photos, she's gorgeous!! To be honest, she's probably the reason why I wear red lipstick all the time.

When I found out she had met David at Sears as well, and they were engaged, I was so excited for them! Some good things came out of that place, mostly the people we met, and the memories we all created. David started working at Sears after I left, so I didn't meet him until later on. They ended up moving to Edmonton for a few years, and we still kept in contact, and luckily David's job brought them back to Ottawa, where they got married, and started a beautiful little family.

When I found out she was pregnant, with twins none the less, I was beyond happy and ecstatic for them, and I knew they would be the cutest twins ever. Am I wrong? Nope. Definitely not.

Abby and Chloe are fraternal twins, and they both have completely different litter personalities. Abby is the little comedian, and Chloe is the shy adorable little one that is so full of love. Abby was a little ham running around saying "Hi Sweetie" every time someone said Hello. Not going to lie, I may have said hi to her a bunch just to hear her say hi sweetie.

Christina, David, Chloe & Abby, thank you for spending a good part of your day with me! I had a great time and would love to photograph your beautiful family again. :)

xo Leesa

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