So Leesa, what makes you different?

well i'm glad you asked!

Ottawa Wedding Photographer

Hell F*cking Yaaasss!

let's get ready to chat!

You are more than just a date on my calendar - you are my friend. Every time I get a new message pop up on my phone, I do a little happy dance! I get STOKED off that little "bloop!" sound my phone makes knowing someone is interested in working with me + digs my style! I can't wait to hear from you!

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I treat you as a Friend

not just a client

Sure, I'm still professional to a point, but I treat you the way I want to be treated + respect you the way I should be respected. I don't just show up to your wedding, take some photos, peace out + never talk to you again. No, that's just not me. I help you with vendor recommendations, if you need planning assistance, create timelines that would work best for your wedding day, send you tips + tricks, keep in contact with you throughout the whole process, follow you on Instagram, celebrate your wins + answer any questions you may think are ridiculous when really, there are no ridiculous questions! WEDDING PLANNING IS HARD, YO! I got you! 

Ottawa Wedding Photographer

I don't just take sexy photos

I boost your confidence

The one assumption I hate the most that people make about boudoir photography is that they say it's porn. I'mma smack the next person who assumes this, because it's the furthest thing from porn. Sure, they could be joking, but it's not funny anymore.

Boudoir is just intimate portraits of humans looking to boost their confidence, feel empowered or to get all glammed up for a day to feel absolutely f*cking amazing about themselves! EVERYONE deserves to feel like a million bucks every now + again, including YOU reading this! You don't need to wear lingerie to feel sexy, hell, wear a damn paper bag + I'm sure you'll look cute AF. 

Ottawa Boudoir Photographer


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