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Mer Bleue Couples Session - Genevieve & Emmanuel

Genevieve and I have been friends since we were in diapers. Okay, SHE was the one in diapers, I'm a bit older so I'm hoping I was potty trained by then...

We were neighbours, and our parents were friends before we came around, so naturally, we became friends. We would play together most days, and would build our PlayDoh Masterpieces and show them off to everyone.... okay mostly to our parents, but hey, what can ya do when your 2.

When they moved away to Kingston, we loss touch for a while, but came into contact again when we were in our teens, and when she moved back to Ottawa for school, it was super exciting cause we could see each other more often. We may not see each other as often as we hoped, because hey, life, but when we do, it's like nothing has changed, and we pick up where we left off, and have a great time none the less.

I asked GG to be my model, and obviously (a-hem, photos here) she said yes. I also invited her boyfriend along if he was around. A few days before we were to meet and have our session, she told me, unfortunately Emmanuel couldn't make it due to work. None the less, I said it was fine and still wanted to see her. Secretly, I was a little bummed but hey! There's always next time.

The day came for the shoot, and I went to pick her up (so you know, we could get lost together trying to find this place in the middle of no where - seriously service is scarce) she surprised me by saying Emmanuel would be able to meet us, because Mer Bleue was in the area of his jurisdiction! I was beyond pumped. Plus, he would be in his police uniform. Win-Win I say.... ;)

We had such a great time. It was so hot, I thought we would melt. But we lived, and Genevieve and Emmanuel were such troupers sticking it out.

I am so pleased with the photos and seriously, how beautiful are these guys?! And Mer Bleue?! WOW. I want to forever be in this place, and definitely want to return to explore more of the area.

GG & Em, thank you SO much for letting me capture your beauty! You guys are gorgeous and a perfect couple. You bring out the best in each other! I love how you can just be yourself, and make each other laugh. Seriously, trying to get a smile out of Em was hard. I'm glad GG was there to make her goofy cute faces at him! I seriously love you guys! <3

XO Leesa

All images © LW Imaging

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