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I'm Engaged! Ahh!

Guys! I'm engaged! It finally happened! After almost 6 years of being with the most amazing human ever, he finally proposed! To make it even more magical, he proposed on a beach, at sunset, IN ARUBA. Like I can't even right now. I couldn't ask for a more romantic proposal or a more amazing man to spend my forever with.

Obviously the photographer in me had to get some professional photos taken while on vacation on a gorgeous tropical island. I had been chatting with a local photographer for a few days before arriving and we were planning to meet up and take some photos around the island, so after Matt proposed I sent him a message saying "so, uh, change of plans...." and showed him the ring. He checked his schedule to see if we could set up a last minute engagement shoot and it just so happened he was available on Valentines Day! I couldn't ask for a better way to spend national love day.

His beautiful girlfriend came along with him to the shoot, he picked us up at the resort in his Jeep and we took off exploring. He brought us to the most beautiful locations and now I wish I didn't live in a place where it snows 6 months of the year... I'm officially addicted to cacti, beaches and beautiful sunsets, but that's no secret.

Take a look at the amazing photos Michael took of us. Seriously though, if you are ever in Aruba and want some stunning photos taken, hit up Michael A Fowler. He not only is an amazing photographer, but he is such a sweet, cool, down to earth guy and makes you feel so comfortable during the photo taking process. Being ourselves was key and he let us do just that. I can't say enough good things about him! Check out his work here & follow him on instagram here!

Now on to planning my own wedding....

All images copyright Michael A Fowler Photography. None of these images are LW Imaging.

I'm so excited to be able to call this guy my husband October 2020.

Stay tuned for those amazing photos at the end of next year. ;)

All images copyright Michael A Fowler Photography.

XO Leesa

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