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Ottawa Winter Engagement | Hilary + Hunter

Updated: Nov 23, 2019

Hilary and Hunter's Winter Engagement at the Arboretum and Experimental Farm Tropical Greenhouses!

Hilary inquired about their November 2020 Le Belvedere wedding with me at the beginning of the year. I was so stoked because I have been DREAMING of photographing a wedding at one of the most gorgeous venues in Wakefield, QC. Within a few emails back and forth, Hilary booked me as their photographer, without even meeting me in person! I was absolutely floored! But I guess when you know, you know! So when we met in person for their engagement shoot, I was so excited!

From the second I met these two, I knew it was going to be an awesome shoot. We walked around the Arboretum for about 30 minutes snapping photos along the way and then made our way to the Greenhouses. The height difference between Hunter and Hilary was a small challenge for me (since I hadn't ever had anyone that was a full foot taller than the other!) but they went along with my insane ideas and Hunter was more than happy to pick Hilary up to snuggle and dip!

Check out their cuteness below!

P.S. Anyone looking to book but doesn't have time to meet up, I always offer a Skype call or FaceTime option. I can assure you I am the exact same person typing those emails to you, as I am in person. I've been told numerous times that my emails sounds exactly like I do in person. I speak from the heart, I speak the truth and I will never make you do anything you will not want to do!

XO Leesa

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