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Fall Engagement at Mer Bleue Conservation | Heather + David

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Heather contacted me at the end of August after following me on Instagram for a little bit wanting to book a fall engagement session. The subject line to the email? "Oh hey! What's up?". The first sentence? "Our names our Heather, David, and Simon (the dog) and we’re looking to have an an engagement photo shoot sometime this fall!!". Firstly, anyone who has "oh hey!" as the subject line, instant bffs. Secondly, when you include the name of your dog in your intro, instant love. I knew she was my type of people. Thirdly, when you want to include your fur baby in your photos, HIRE ME!

The day of the session it wasn't the greatest of weather with rain all day, but really, it kinda made the session even better! We walked around parts of the trail at Mer bleu where dogs are allowed (before the boardwalk when you walk in if anyone is wondering and wants to bring their fur baby) with their friend Laurie in tow with treats to get Simon's attention! We had our umbrellas, but with all the tree coverage, it really wasn't necessary - the umbrella was mostly to make the photo look cooler. We walked around with Simon for a bit then the last half of the session we walked along the boardwalk just the three of us.

If you ever have your doubts about having your photos done in the rain, pack those feelings up and throw them out the window on the way to your shoot cause guys, I'm telling ya, rain is so much fun to play with! Also, can anyone say "The Notebook" vibes? I'm secretly hoping for a torrential downpour one day on a lake.... you know where to find me.

Check out these two cuties engagement below featuring the cutest pup, Simon!

Congratulations Heather and David! I wish you all the best on your wedding day next September!

XO Leesa

Location: Mer Bleue Conservation

Photography: LW Imaging

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