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2019 - A Year in Review

So another year is over and I have to say, 2019 was a crazy year. From laughter, to tears, from good times and bad, 2019 definitely didn't disappoint.

For me, the love of my life asked me to marry him so that would have to go down as the best personal moment of 2019 for me, but I also had the most amazing people come into my life and some I still call my friends.

I also think it's super crazy that a new decade is beginning! Anyone else feel the same way? As if another decade has past and a new one is beginning!

Time goes by so freaking fast.

I wanted to share my top photos of 2019. Let me tell ya, it was definitely one of the hardest decisions to make! Everyone of the people I have met and had the pleasure of photographing this year hold a deep space in my heart. You are all such wonderful, kind humans and I'm forever grateful you chose me as your photographer to capture your special times in your lives.

So without further due, here are my favourite photos of 2019!

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