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Ottawa In-Home Session - Plant Baby

There comes a time in your life when all your friends are getting married and having children. This is me. Right now. Who's with me!?

Well, Deanna and Greg definitely are!

Deanna contacted me with her idea and I almost spit my morning coffee out all over my keyboard. True story. I mean, you've gotta be amazing, and very creative, to come up with this idea, am I right?

To make matters even better? After I posted a condensed version of one of these photos on my social media accounts, I found out Greg is one of my good friends cousins! We live in such a small world.

Now. We've all seen the "Dinosaur Boudoir", the "Cat as a Baby", even the Cat being birthed by a human (that one was weird, but creative). But you know what we haven't seen yet?


A Plant Baby.

Well, now you have. Because I had the absolute pleasure of making it happen.

Without further ado...

I am pleased to announce, Mr. & Mrs. Cormier are the proud parents of a bouncing baby plant!

Congratulations guys, and I wish you all the best with your new bundle of joy!

XO Leesa

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