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Wakefield Bridge Engagement - Emily & André

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Emily, André & I met through some mutual friends when we played softball together, & when I first met them, I knew we would become good friends. We hung out a lot with our group & we even went to Las Vegas together with a few other friends for New Years 2 years ago (almost) now, & actually had such an amazing, memorable time. We always joke about going back, but if we ever decided to, I would 100% jump on a plane & tear up Vegas again with these guys. The next time though, we will convince you even more to get married, but hopefully by then, you will be!

The whole time I have known these guys, whether it be in Vegas or just hanging out, I swear they should already be an old married couple. They are the cutest, most genuine couple I know.

It's been a helluva ride for these two, with André in school to be a doctor, & Emily studying to be come a lawyer, but they make it work, & I couldn't be any more excited for these two.

Emily, André - Thank you for giving me this opportunity to photograph you guys! I had the best time, & I think they turned out pretty good, but I'm biased ;) I can't wait for your wedding!

Looking for your wedding photographer or just want to have some engagement photos taken to celebrate? Hit me up here!

XO Leesa

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