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Updated: Nov 23, 2019

I've been a slacker with blogging. It's so hard! But I'm trying to change. Starting with this amazing couple!

I have known Whitney & Devon for about 6 years. I knew Devon from when I worked at Leon's (where he met Whitney & I actually met Matt!) and Whitney used to work at the other Ottawa location. She would call sometimes to talk to Devon and I would answer the phones. We would end up talking on slow nights for a while... like 45 minutes most of the time... and we would forget that she was actually calling to ask Devon something. I definitely remember a few times we would hang up and a few seconds later she would call back and be like "I forgot to talk to Devon... a whooooops!" #sorrynotsorry

There was even another time Matt and I were walking somewhere and all of a sudden this car is driving beside us and Whitney is HANGING OUT THE WINDOW YELLING AT US!! It was such a funny moment, I think I laughed for a good 10 minutes after that! She later messaged me being like "Yo, I don't hang out of the car for JUST ANYONE. Feel special" and I definitely did.

Even cooler? They got engaged a few weeks after Matt and I did! I meaaaan, I'm not saying we're the same person, but we're pretty much the same person. Leon's crew friends forever? Yes please!

When she messaged me about my blossom sessions I was super excited to be able to book her and Devon into one of the limited spaces. She also asked me to be their wedding photographer! I mean, WHOW. I was SO stoked!! We chatted a bit more, and within 30 minutes (that literally must be our number) she had read and signed the proposal I sent her. They are officially an #LWimagingCouple! YAAAY!

I am so excited for their wedding next September (exactly a month before Matt and I get married too - seriously. Same person. I'm not kidding) at Strathmere Inn! It's going to be filled with the most Love, Laughter and Kitties. I can't wait! Sorry Devon, if you can't find Whitney, just look for the kitties and I'll be there with her.

Check out their blossom engagement session at the Ornamental Gardens back in May!

P.S. Whitney's Ring is my favourite ring I have photographed. I mean, just look at that beauty! *swoon*

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XO Leesa

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