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Too Hot For Social - Vol. 1

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Some things are just too hot for social to be posted. I haven't shared these images because of that but they are too good not to post!

These were taken last August in the back woods of cottage country in Shawville, Quebec with the lovely model, Colleen. She was a complete trooper while getting eaten alive by mosquitoes and striking a different pose every few shot of the camera. It challenged me as a photographer with only having the one shot to take of that pose and also trying to frame, concentrate and get into my ever so popular "photog stances" while getting irritated by bugs flying around my face!

This was also my first time photographing some more risqué photos, nudes. Colleen was a perfect model to have as my first for these types of shoots. I'm more tame with my boudoir images, but doing something a little more "off the rails" and "sexy" gives me more confidence as a photographer and let's me be more creative - which I ALWAYS say yes to!

If you're looking to get a little sexy, hit me up! I'd love to be your empowering, confident boosting photog to help you on your sexy self journey.

Inquire about your next boudoir experience here!

XO Leesa

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