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This is what other Badass Babes had to say about their boudoir experience!

I was SO Comfortable!

Leesa is extremely relaxed + makes your shoot fun! She can get you feeling at ease during your time together so quickly + has you laughing the whole time! I would definitely recommend!!

Miss K.

Leesa is AMAZING! 

She made me feel so comfortable that I was able to come out of my shell + take some amazing photos! I would definitely recommend her and I will most definitely be booking another session again real soon!

Miss L.

I LOVE my photos! 

I was SO nervous for my shoot but soon as we started I felt so comfortable with Leesa! She had me laughing the entire time + made sure I was comfortable with the pose before taking the photo. She knows her stuff and I would recommend her 200 times over!!

Miss A.

I was amazed I could ever look like that!

I was very nervous at first, but Leesa immediately put me at ease + I had a blast! I love my photos + the quality of the album is amazing. If you have been on the fence about doing a shoot, just do it! Any hesitation or nervousness, Leesa takes it all away the moment you step in the door. I can't wait for my next boudoir shoot!!

Miss D.

Nerves can take over, but not with this crew!

I had a blast with Leesa and her team! You're laughing + sharing stories within minutes of entering, whether it's getting ready or during the shoot itself. Leesa is the best cheerleader + you can tell she + her team were genuinely excited to be there, with you in all your sexiness. It is really worth the investment of time + money. I can't wait to be able to book again!!

Miss C.

I was overcome by a positive, comfortable environment!

My shoot was filled with laughter, good times + mini dance parties. I was speechless when I saw the images after the shoot - it was definitely one of the most empowering, confidence-boosting experiences I have had. I would highly recommend it - even if you don't feel you are confident. If you are looking for body-positivity + a feel-good attitude, a boudoir shoot with Leesa is 100% something to consider!

Miss V.

Leesa will make you feel comfortable + empowered!

When I booked my boudoir session with Leesa, I was a bit nervous, but she was amazing + made me feel very comfortable. Her hair + makeup girls were on point!!!! She is very professional + is extremely helpful with the poses. The pictures came out amazing! I can’t wait for my future husband to see them!!!

Miss M.

I was shocked how much I was digging myself!

Leesa is a friendly soul + had a contagious smile that made me very comfortable. My confidence grew 10x bigger once I stepped out of her studio. She knows how to make you see the true beauty that is inside + out. A boudoir shoot can give you a chance to see yourself in an intimate, sexy + confidant way that maybe you're not used to. Embrace the you that you are + own it!

Miss J.

Leesa made me feel

comfortable + confident!

I had the most wonderful time with Leesa on the day of my shoot! She made me feel comfortable + confident, + we laughed + joked around all throughout the shoot which really made me feel more comfortable! After seeing my photos, I was in love + in disbelief that I was looking at myself! I am in love with my photos. I am definitely booking another shoot in the future!

Miss A.

I highly recommend Leesa + her team!

From the moment I spoke to Leesa on the phone, I knew I was taking the plunge. It has been something I have always wanted to + even more so when I met my husband. Communication has been consistent + her online community has really helped prove that Leesa + her team are passionate + take pride in their work. I was quite nervous leading up to the day, as this is the biggest gift/secret I have kept from him [my husband]. I was also nervous, because I am just me, I know nothing about posing, or facial expressions. The moment I stepped into the studio, I was comforted by how happy + outgoing Leesa + her team were!  I couldn't believe just how easy + comfortable I felt!

Miss K.

I'm so happy that I got to experience this amazing thing!

If you're thinking about doing a boudoir session, Leesa is the girl you want to do it with. She is an incredible photographer, she knows what she's doing, what she's talking about + she is the QUEEN of empowerment + confidence. You will leave her studio feeling free, accomplished, + proud of yourself. Leesa makes sure that you are feeling as confident as possible + reassures you that you are badass + beautiful every step of the way!

Miss N.

I couldn't believe
that was me in the photos!

Amazing experience. Leesa + her team were beyond professional. They treated me like one of their girls + made sure everything was safe during the covid situation. If you ever want to feel amazing about yourself, this is definitely the girl to see! Even if you feel like it might be awkward, do it for you, cause you wont regret it. You'll regret if you never experience it!

Miss K.


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